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Over 70 years of


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Our Story


Like many parents, Barb and Mark watched their beautiful, social, intelligent son, Devon, regress into severe autism when he was 14-months old. They were quickly thrown into the world of autism and began their journey seeking answers. Devon began therapy and visited countless medical and health specialists. As years went by and therapy ensued, progress was minimal.


The therapy was missing something. It was missing what was most important; addressing the "root cause." Barb's background of public health and nutrition helped her quickly realize there was much more to learn about autism. She could see how important diet, genetics, and environment was for her son’s progress as well as its pivotal role in behavior.  As a family and with the help of specialists, they began addressing “the root cause” through diet and lifestyle, focusing on gastrointestinal health, boosting and supporting the immune system and reducing inflammation. With these changes, Devon began to progress! He started to take huge steps forward. This didn’t come easily however, as the various therapy modalities frequently contradicted one another and failed to see Devon’s full potential.


Along their journey, Barb and Mark found therapists who saw the value and necessity of integrating services and the concept of Integrated Autism Therapies was born. As a team, they have worked tirelessly to bring IAT to life. IAT is committed to a unified approach to serving the autistic community. IAT is focused on the betterment of any and all who live with, or alongside of loved ones with autism every day.

Why Us


Integrated describes our entire mission here at IAT. We believe in a full, deep and investigative approach to autism. There is more than meets the eye and each individual is different. Each piece of our organization is crucial. Our services and therapies offer the entire package and when used together can greatly improve your quality of life. 

Give us a call and you'll quickly see what sets us apart from the rest. 

Meet the Team



Mark & Barb Niederhauser

Founders, Owners

Mark and Barb met in high school and have been married for 27 years. Mark enjoys biking, fishing, and being outdoors. Barb enjoys a variety of cross training activities, healthy cooking and has recently taken up Kali stick fighting. They have a daughter in college and a son who regressed into severe autism at 14 months of age. After nearly two decades of trying almost every type of autism therapy/treatment offered, they knew there had to be a better way. Together, their strong desire to find the best way to serve the autistic community is what caused the creation of Integrated Autism Therapies. Mark and Barb want every IAT client to feel good, feel included and be happy.

Bailey Wilson.jpg

Bailey Wilson


Bailey is lucky to be the newest Board Certified Behavior Analyst on the Integrated Autism Therapies team. She has over 8 years’ experience working in Applied Behavior Analysis. Bailey graduated with her Master of Science degree in Special Education with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis from Montana State University. She has provided behavioral services in a variety of different states, including Hawaii, Montana, and Utah. She has practiced and supervised behavior analytic services in a variety of environments, including non-profit organizations, schools, residential homes, clinics, and home-based settings. She is very passionate about advocating for the health, happiness, and rights of children, adults, and families that have been impacted by special needs. Radical inclusion, kindness, and unconditional love are the main principles Bailey strives to live by. She loves spending time with her partner, family, friends, and dog Grizzly. If she is not practicing ABA, you can find her on the slopes, in the mountains, playing basketball, traveling, spending time in Montana, or teasing her three younger siblings. She hopes to help families, like hers, who have been impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Marco Ortiz.jpg

Marco Ortiz


JuliaBW (2).jpg

Julia  McMillan

Speech Pathologist

Working with people of all ages is Julia's passion, and being a speech-language pathologist for 10 years has allowed her to express that love.  First working in a skilled nursing facility, she eventually moved to working with children ages 3-19. She graduated from both BYU and the U of U, and continues to seek learning whenever possible. She believes deeply in the power of communication and is excited to assist families in that process with their children.  Julia loves High Fitness, walks around the block, audiobooks, and spending time with her family.

Caryl Velas

Caryl Julia Velas
Speech Language Pathology Assistant

Julia was born in Mandaluyong, Philippines and was raised in sunny San Diego, CA. She is the youngest of three in a first generation immigrant-American family. Julia's hobbies include cooking, baking, stargazing, reading, staying active, camping, serving her community through volunteer work, and traveling around the world. Upon moving to Utah she climbed the famous Mount Timpanogos and plans to climb to various mountain peaks in the Wasatch Range to celebrate her new home here in Utah. Julia fell in love with the field of speech pathology after taking her first linguistics course during her undergrad years. She realized through her courses that the range of human communication and language skills are imperative for a child's quality of life. Julia's goal is to serve those with limited communication with individualized therapy to be able to communicate more effectively. As a child, she too received speech therapy to help her learn English. Her alma mater is California State University, Fullerton where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Communicative Disorders. She has always enjoyed working with children and has experience working in schools, preschools, and Montessori centers with both special needs children and typically developing children. Julia found this line of work to be fulfilling and finds it so special to be able to witness each individual child’s milestones in language acquisition.

Becca Vasta
Occupational Therapist

Becca Vasta.jpg

Becca was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. She graduated from the University of Missouri with a master's degree in Occupational Therapy, and bachelor's degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders with a minor in psychology. She is passionate about mental health and has worked with individuals in the Autism community since high school. She has been involved with many different roles including ABA technician, respite care provider, volunteer gymnastics and dance instructor, and now as an Occupational Therapist. She has always been drawn to OT to be able to assist her clients in becoming more independent through client and family centered care and finding the "just right challenge". Becca loves reading, hiking, music, and being involved in her community. She is so excited to be a part of the IAT team! .

Landon Stewart.jpg

Landon Stewart

Occupational Therapy Asssistant, RBT

Marka Saengsoury.jpg

Mark Saengsoury

Lead RBT

Mark is the oldest of three children. His parents are first generation immigrants from Laos.  

He has been in the special needs field for 8-9 years. 6 of it has been doing ABA. Prior to entering this field, he sought various ways to try to serve the community from looking to tutor teens to temporarily joining a wildfire fighting crew. He enjoys finding opportunities to serve the community and has volunteered with projects such as Warm the Homeless, My Story Matters, and other various charities and organizations for the past several years. He found fulfillment in serving this community and has been doing his part in it since. Mark's main hobbies include doing martial arts, photography, writing, stargazing, and just being in the outdoors. He loves the curiosity of the world and loves exploration whether it be backpacking in the mountains or exploring abandoned mines. He particularly loves being in the redrocks. He likes to think of himself as a lifelong learner.

Caitlyn Bone.JPG

Caitlyn Bone

Melissa Venable.jpg

Melissa Venable


Melissa, an RBT, joined the IAT team in August of 2019. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin, she worked in the Financial Industry for many years. A career change led her into special education, which she found fulfilling. Melissa has been a life skills coach, an equine therapy assistant, and held a variety of roles in summer camps. Travelling with her husband and spending time with their adult children are favorite past times. She enjoys book clubs, hiking, and horseback riding as well.


Mireya Hansen


Mireya was born and raised in Northern California and is the youngest of 5 children. Growing up with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, she was constantly in and out of treatment, which was where her passion for helping others and wanting to work with kids began. She nannied for all different special needs children and her passion only grew. She moved to Utah in January to start something new and shortly after found IAT. Becoming an ABA therapist really narrowed in her career path and she now knows exactly what she wants to be. She has recently decided to go for her bachelor's degree to become a BCaBa and possibly a BCBA after that. Aside from working with children, she has always had a passion for arts, writing and traveling. She has been to 15 states, 3 countries and doesn’t ever plan on stopping there!

Greta Erickson.jpg

Greta Lei Erickson

Greta Lei Erickson was born and raised in the island of Oahu, Hawaii. She enjoys nature, swimming, dancing, singing, interior decorating, and teaching Zumba. Greta is a Licensed Zumba instructor for children, teens and adults. She studied at BYU-Hawaii and has a Bachelor's of Social work, Associates Degree in Speech Communications, and Minor in Psychology. 

Her work experience includes: Hale Kipa home for runaway children; shelter for sex abuse perpetrators 9 to18yrs.; Family Support Center 24 hour shelters for at risk, abused children; Early Intervention 2 teaching toddlers with developmental delays and disabilities in Play ‘n Learn group at DDI Vantage.  

Greta has been with IAT for 1-1/2 years.  She has autism in her family which is where she gets the passion that motivates her in her work. Greta loves working with the children in IAT.

Alison Sorensen_edited.png

Alison Sorensen

Alison has been an RBT since the beginning of 2021 and loves the opportunity to work with children and help them make progress! She is currently pursuing her bachelors degree in Social Work and hopes to continue on with school to become a BCBA. Enjoys running, playing games, hiking, and being outdoors with friends and family.


Alecia Niederhauser

Clinic Manager

Suraj Nallabelli

Suraj Nallabelli

Lead RBT

Suraj is a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) and has over 2 years of experience working with children diagnosed with ASD. Suraj discovered this career field by happenstance. Within a couple days of working at a clinic in Illinois, Suraj’s home state, he fell in love with the ABA science. This is the most fun and meaningful job Suraj has had. He cherishes the time he has with his clients. Suraj’s favorite aspect of working with the ASD population is the diversity. He enjoys interacting with a wide variety of different personalities and characteristics and trying to connect with them. 

Suraj found IAT when he moved from Illinois to Utah in Fall of 2020. Suraj plans to attend a graduate program to further his studies in ABA and become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). He feels that he is lucky to have found a career path that he deeply resonates with.

Suraj enjoys listening to a variety of music, making his friends and family laugh, traveling, reading and exploring nature.

Sophia Grettenberger

Sophia Grettenberger
Lead RBT

Sophia grew up in Santaquin, UT as one of 12 siblings and has always loved spending time working and playing with kids. After getting her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Southern Utah University, Sophia discovered the field of ABA therapy and became an RBT in 2018. Sophia loves working in the field, getting to know the children and their families, and celebrating the individuality of each client. She believes in the power of finding your voice in a tumultuous world and is excited to help each child build new skills, relationships, and self-confidence. She is currently pursuing higher education in speech-language pathology. Her interests include yoga, pinball, rock-climbing, pickleball, and exploring the great outdoors.  

Marlie Gardner

Marlie Gardner


Marlie was born and raised in Murray, Utah. Right after her high school graduation Marlie joined the Army Reserves as a Signal System Support Specialist. When returning home from her trainings Marlie started doing respite work for multiple families with children on the spectrum. One of the families was receiving ABA therapy which, intrigued Marlie. Eventually she started looking for companies to work with and found one. Marlie has been a RBT for a little over 3 years and wouldn’t want a career doing anything else.

Lukayla Graham


Lukayla Graham
Keaton Glassey.JPG

Lukayla comes from a family with deaf parents and a sister. She grew up as a part of the Utah deaf community and has used American Sign Language throughout her life. She has always had a passion working and volunteering with children. She has over eight years of experience with kids, the past few years involving ABA therapy. She has a passion for playing instruments, art, photography, and animals. She makes an effort to include music and open-ended creativity into her sessions. In her free time she enjoys going on hikes, exploring the outdoors and old structures, trying out local restaurants, and reading.

Keaton Glassey

I have been an RBT for 2 and a half years. I love working with kids and creating learning environments for kids to thrive. I have always liked working with kids and it has been a dream come true to be able to help the kids here at IAT. I have lived in Utah my whole life and I love it! Some of my hobbies are hiking, camping, fishing, skateboarding, rock climbing, and water skiing. I also love spending time with my beautiful wife and my family! 

Kelsey Tanner.jpeg
Kelsey Tanner
My name is Kelsey Tanner and I’m so excited to start working with IAT! 

I started babysitting around 8 years old and knew from that very tender age it would my calling to educate kids. I have worked with children professionally over the last 10 years, and my very favorite feeling is seeing how the kiddos light up when they are able to accomplish or communicate something we have worked through together. I’m constantly reminded of my passion and appreciation for what I get to do for a living! ❤️


When I’m not working, I enjoy camping with friends, traveling (most recently to the Oregon coast which did not disappoint 😍), crafting, playing Switch games, and spending time with my adorable pup Ellie and my 3 grumpy, yet lovable kitties. I am so excited to dive in and look forward to getting to know all these adorable humans. 

Julie Taylor.JPG
Julie King
Jade Johnson.JPG
Malindi Malawo.heic

Jade Johnson

Malindi Malawo

Hello hello! My name is Malindi, I’m originally from California, but recently moved from St George to the SLC area. I’ll be in school to begin my physical therapy assistant journey. I’ve been in Utah for the past 2 years and have become a total sucker for the beautiful outdoors. I’ve been dancing ever since I can remember and was a dance major prior to switching career focus. I have a 3 year old American pit bull terrier who’s my absolute world, I love baking or cooking to satisfy my sweet tooth, and I’m very excited to be apart of the IAT team! 

  Sara Phillips

Sara Phillips.jpeg

Sara comes to IAT from Portland, Maine. She has worked in Vermont and Maine as an RBT for over two years in several different settings including clinic-based, school-based, and in-home support. Sara will be finishing her Master of Arts degree in Behavior Analysis from Florida Institute of Technology in August of 2022 and hopes to take the certification exam to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst soon after. Sara grew up in Vermont and is the youngest of three sisters, one of whom lives in Salt Lake City as well. She enjoys staying active through yoga and resistance training, as well as playing with her dog Jupiter. Having grown up in New England, Sara is a big fan of Boston sports, especially the Bruins and Red Sox. 

Shanarra Willis-Sturmer cropped.jpg

Shanarra Willis-Sturmer


Lisa Smith

Scheduling, AM Clinic Manager

Lisa is from Taylorsville UT where she lives with her husband, Jason and their pet bunny, Hershey. They are the parents of two daughters that joined their family through adoption.


She is the Dance Director of Murray Community Dance and has been teaching children for over 30 years. Tap is her favorite style of dance, and she loves sharing her passion and knowledge with those she teaches.


Lisa, along with her husband currently serve as the chairs of Forever Bound Adoption having been adoption advocates for over two decades.


Lisa enjoys being with her family, Disneyland, Sunday night board games, chalk art, softball and children’s literature.


She is excited to join the dynamic team at IAT and looks forward to working with the families that we serve.

Ruthann Gibbs.jpg

Ruthann Gibbs

Executive Assistant

Ruthann lives in Murray, Utah with her husband of 34 years, Lauren. They are the parents of three and grandparents of five. Some of her favorite things include camping in the mountains, playing with her grandchildren and volunteering with a variety of community organizations. She has a BS degree in Education from Brigham Young University and was actively involved with gifted education as she sought for appropriate educational experiences for her children.  She has volunteered at the local, state, and national level advocating for and supporting gifted education for all ages.  She is eager to share her experience with others to help make their life journey a little easier.



Barb is an incredible combination of energy, compassion and knowledge. She will be your strongest advocate and a friend. As a mother of three, I’ve trusted her to help me navigate the nutrition, fitness and health concerns of our family. We can’t speak more highly of her as a person and a professional.

Nicole W.

Barb is an empathetic and motivating coach! She is invested in the lives of her clients and is willing to do more than her fair share of research and digging to find the answers her clients need. Barb comes from a wealth of experience with her own autistic child and offers hope to parents.

Antoinette F.

Ellenor Collins.jpg
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