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Like many parents, Barb and Mark watched their beautiful, social, intelligent son, Devon, regress into severe autism when he was 14-months old. They were quickly thrown into the world of autism and began their journey seeking answers. Devon began therapy and visited countless medical and health specialists. As years went by and therapy ensued, progress was minimal.


The therapy was missing something. It was missing what was most important; addressing the "root cause." Barb's background of public health and nutrition helped her quickly realize there was much more to learn about autism. She could see how important diet, genetics, and environment was for her son’s progress as well as its pivotal role in behavior.  As a family and with the help of specialists, they began addressing “the root cause” through diet and lifestyle, focusing on gastrointestinal health, boosting and supporting the immune system and reducing inflammation. With these changes, Devon began to progress! He started to take huge steps forward. This didn’t come easily however, as the various therapy modalities frequently contradicted one another and failed to see Devon’s full potential.


Along their journey, Barb and Mark found therapists who saw the value and necessity of integrating services and the concept of Integrated Autism Therapies was born. As a team, they have worked tirelessly to bring IAT to life. IAT is committed to a unified approach to serving the autistic community. IAT is focused on the betterment of any and all who live with, or alongside of loved ones with autism every day.



Integrated describes our entire mission here at IAT. We believe in a full, deep and investigative approach to autism. There is more than meets the eye and each individual is different. Each piece of our organization is crucial. Our services and therapies offer the entire package and when used together can greatly improve your quality of life. 

Give us a call and you'll quickly see what sets us apart from the rest. 


Mark & Barb Niederhauser

Founders, Owners

Mark and Barb met in high school and have been married for 27 years. Mark enjoys biking, fishing, and being outdoors. Barb enjoys a variety of cross training activities, healthy cooking and has recently taken up Kali stick fighting. They have a daughter in college and a son who regressed into severe autism at 14 months of age. After nearly two decades of trying almost every type of autism therapy/treatment offered, they knew there had to be a better way. Together, their strong desire to find the best way to serve the autistic community is what caused the creation of Integrated Autism Therapies. Mark and Barb want every IAT client to feel good, feel included and be happy.

Kellen Glum


Kellen is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and has been in the Human Services field for over 10 years, with an emphasis in Behavior Analysis for the past six years. He has worked in a variety of settings with a wide array of individuals; ranging from intensive lock down residential facilities to in-home ABA therapy, with latency aged children diagnosed with ASD, as well as adults diagnosed with behavioral misconduct disorders. Kellen is also an avid Utah Jazz fan, enjoys anything and everything sports related. Above all else, he enjoys most spending time with his wife and chasing around his toddler.

Stephanie Ogden


In addition to being a Mom of 4 fabulous kiddos, Stephanie is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, (BCBA) and a Licensed Behavior Analyst (LBA). She’s received her Masters of Science degree in Applied Behavior Analysis.

She has had the unique opportunity of volunteering with the BACB in Littleton, Colorado, and the knowledge and the experience she has gained from that is invaluable.  Steph has also worked as a wellness coach in addiction recovery for over 4 yrs.  She was a moderator in a recovery forum where literally thousands of students all over the world discussed and shared their life experiences. This is where she learned that the strength of the human spirit is astounding. 

Over the years, Steph has worked closely with psychologists, and Neuroscientists accompanied with a background in natural healing, mindfulness, and healthy living.  She loves to play the guitar and travel to experience the beauty that life has to offer.

Much of the success Steph experiences is due to the fact she is innately an empathetic person whose life experience has shown it can make a world of difference to have someone on YOUR side, to act as a potential guide and support. She is a heart, mind, and soul aficionado.  Steph has spent copious amounts of time raising 4 wonderful children along with her husband, who have been the greatest teachers and masters of what unconditional love and success really mean.

Julia  McMillan

Speech Pathologist

Working with people of all ages is Julia's passion, and being a speech-language pathologist for 10 years has allowed her to express that love.  First working in a skilled nursing facility, she eventually moved to working with children ages 3-19. She graduated from both BYU and the U of U, and continues to seek learning whenever possible. She believes deeply in the power of communication and is excited to assist families in that process with their children.  Julia loves High Fitness, walks around the block, audiobooks, and spending time with her family.

Ruthann Gibbs

Executive Assistant

Ruthann lives in Murray, Utah with her husband of 31 years, Lauren. They are the parents of three and grandparents of five. Some of her favorite things include camping in the mountains, playing with her grandchildren and volunteering with a variety of community organizations. She has a BS degree in Education from Brigham Young University and was actively involved with gifted education as she sought for appropriate educational experiences for her children.  She has volunteered at the local, state, and national level advocating for and supporting gifted education for all ages.  She is eager to share her experience with others to help make their life journey a little easier.



Lead RBT

Alecia Niederhauser

Clinic Manager

Caitlyn Bone

RBT, Asst. Trainer

Melissa Venable


Shaylee Crane

RBT, Asst. Trainer

Bailey Wilson

RBT, Supervisor

Mireya Hansen

Greta Erickson

Jonathan Pay


Amy Irvin

Ocuppational Therapist

April Johnson




Barb is an incredible combination of energy, compassion and knowledge. She will be your strongest advocate and a friend. As a mother of three, I’ve trusted her to help me navigate the nutrition, fitness and health concerns of our family. We can’t speak more highly of her as a person and a professional.

Nicole W.

Barb, is an empathetic and motivating coach! She is invested in the lives of her clients and is willing to do more than her fair share of research and digging to find the answers her clients need. Barb comes from a wealth of experience with her own autistic child and offers hope to parents.

Antionette F.

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