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Barb has spent over 25 years studying health, fitness, and nutrition.  She is a trained in Functional Nutrition and is a Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Certified Weight Management Specialist, Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach (FMCHC), and a Certified Fitness Trainer. Her expansive health and FMCHC training addresses food allergies/sensitivities, autoimmune issues, genetic issues, hormones and thyroid, just to name a few. Barb ensures each food plan is modified and individualized according to each client’s lifestyle, economic status, health, nutrient needs, and overall goals. She has seen how the correct food plan, when tailored for the individual, along with education and understanding, has made a significant impact in her clients’ vitality, energy, body composition, pain reduction, and
overall health.
Barb has witnessed firsthand the absolutely crucial relationship with ASD and diet and environment. Connect with us today to learn how simple changes can help you and your loved ones live a greater life.




Interested in "IAT Approved" recipes? We're here to assure you eating healthy can taste amazing! Click below. 


We're here to help. With individualized nutrition programs we can and will find the right regimen for you and your loved ones. Whether it be a long term plan or a shorter investigative option like an elimination challenge, we are here for you! 

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