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No One Can Put Limits On Your Child

“There are no limits to our future if we don't put limits on our people.” - Jack Kemp

Does it look like this young man isn’t aware of other people or things? Does it look like he is incapable of love? The professionals who made this statement were wrong!

This is my son, Devon. When he regressed into autism, the diagnosing psychiatrist observed him for a few minutes before asking me series of developmental questions. He completed his assessment, and blatantly announced our son had severe autism. He sat back in his chair and proceeded to tell us that Devon is not aware of his surroundings, he would never know us, he would never talk again, he was incapable of progress or love, and that he would be institutionalized by the age of 8 or 9.

When I tried to counter this doctor’s remarks by describing what my son was doing and expressing his ability to progress, he interrupted me condescendingly and said, “Are you sure? Or do you just think those things are happening? I think you read too much.”

Obviously, we didn’t believe him. Not even for a second. For starters, we lived and interacted with Devon daily. We saw and knew what he was capable of. We had no doubt he knew us, and that he could express love; especially to his older sister.

Nothing, I mean nothing, irritates me more than when a so-called professional, who only interacts briefly with a client, determines that person’s entire future based off a brief encounter and a diagnosis they determined by checking off boxes. No one can put limits on your child. NO ONE! I don’t care about their pedigree. No professional or educator knows your child as well as you do; and they will never fight for your child as hard as you will. They don’t have the right to limit you or our child, steal hope, or underestimate the power of sheer will.

Unfortunately, I see many parents take these pre-determined limitations to heart and so no action is taken to help the child progress. It does require hard work (lots and lots of hard work) and perseverance. However, I am of the strong belief that any child can progress. I have seen it happen too many times to deny it. Don’t let anyone limit you or your child’s progress.

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