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Parents In Your Corner


Integrated Autism Therapies (IAT) is founded and backed by parents who have your back and expect the highest quality services for individuals under the spectrum. They can relate to the expenses, worries, frustrations, and desires you have for your child.

IAT owners want what is best for your child and for all children and families under the autism spectrum. As a result, they have spent over 3 years researching and building a team of outstanding and like-minded providers to improve aspects of autism services. They invested a substantial amount of their own money so that all IAT business decisions can be based on what produces the best results for each individual client instead of what maximizes the return of investors.

With17+ years of working on and off with more than 24 autism-related therapies and services in both the public and private sector, the owners have seen some great therapists. They have also seen issues that raised some eyebrows. Sometimes their concerns were heard, but too often they were downplayed or ignored. They realized many of these programs can’t change because they must abide by the regulations of the investors, most who were not living the autism experience. Some of these providers were well-meaning, and others saw autism as an opportunity make a profit. As a result of years of frustration and some mediocre service providers, the founders of IAT decided the best way to address the concerns they had with most of the programs with which they had entrusted their son and invested their time and money into, was to start their own Autism-Related Services.

So, what are some of these issues that they wanted to address and improve upon with Integrated Autism Services? Here is a list of just a few of them these parents (and many others) have observed and experienced far too often but put up with because of lack of services or long waiting lists:

• Lack of quality service, experience, and training of therapists.

• Reduced training and quality service for older and/or more severe individuals under the spectrum.

• Unreliable therapists and frequently cancelled sessions.

• Being billed for services that were never received.

• Not receiving all the hours or services promised by the service providers.

• Program plans that never changed, were too remedial, or inappropriate.

• An alarming amount of physical abuse, emotional abuse, neglect, and unprofessional treatment of a disabled child.

• Condescending therapists that would not consider input from parents or full time caregivers.

• Lack of consideration of biomedical, nutritional, and environmental factors that also contribute significantly to behaviors and learning.

• Therapy services that unintentionally contradicted or worked against other professional therapies.

• Direct exposure to mold, allergens, pesticides, toxins, and exposed wiring.

Integrated Autism Therapies is here to serve you, your child, and your family through individualized learning plans in a loving, supportive, and safe environment. If you have any questions, please feel free to call 801-885-1700.

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