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At IAT we offer integration of services. If you are receiving ABA or other services from another company, we will do our best to work with you on speech and occupational therapy. However, it complicates the process as it adds HIPPA, scheduling, and conflict of interest issues as two companies taking personal health and insurance information can’t share health information or work with a child at the same time.

Our speech pathologist and occupational therapist are incredible! Anyone who has ever worked with them has nothing but good things to say. Unfortunately, they both have limited availability and times they can work in a day. They know our current ABA clients schedule, can access them easier, and are credentialed with IAT to have access to health and insurance information. The last thing we want to do is step on another ABA providers toes, throw off their schedules, or provide conflicting program plans. This is a big concern for us.

We understand this isn’t convenient when a family is trying to work with dual agencies. We will do our best to fit you in for the services that you aren’t receiving from other agencies. We would request that you disclose to your ABA provider that you are working with us on speech and/or occupational therapy. However, it really complicates things quite a bit, becomes a scheduling nightmare for everyone, and puts us in a difficult situation with your ABA provider.

Disclaimer:  Integrated Autism Therapies (IAT) is unable to provide ABA, Occupational, or Speech therapy in conjunction with a client’s therapy from a competing company or school due to liability and conflict of interest issues. You can share the results of the assessments we provide with other providers, but we can't work directly with the competing providers.



Our mission is to provide each client with a compassionate team of specialists to spot strengths, identify barriers, recognize root causes and develop appropriate treatment plans. Our collaborative team effort will constantly strive to provide a safe and supportive therapy environment that enables each client to find a sense of purpose and live a quality life.



Integrated Autism Therapies has been a dream for years. As parents of a now adult son with autism, we have dedicated our lives to helping him thrive. Our experience has taught us what works and what doesn't work with mainstream autism therapy. We have created IAT to not only give our son a future but to give you and your families a bright one too!


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