Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a form of therapy focused on improving behavior. ABA is always suggested for Autism Spectrum Disorders as well as several other disabilities. Regular ABA therapy paired with family involvement can be very successful in improving behaviors and enhancing life for those under the spectrum. 

IAT is focused on providing the full package. Part of our goal is to not only improve behavior but understand the root cause of it. Together with all our services ABA can truly do what it is designed to do and help you and your loved ones thrive.



Occupational therapy services include evaluation and treatment of your child’s ability to participate in areas of daily living (occupations) at home and in the community. These areas may include feeding, dressing, grooming, work, play, leisure, community mobility, and social participation. Goals and strategies will be developed in collaboration with family and caregivers to work toward enhancing your child’s and family’s quality of life.



There is more to speech and communication than meets the eye. That being said, it's vital to understand the scope and impact of the speech delay or disorder. Difficulty with language is not always a lack of ability to express feelings or thoughts. Rather, the cause may be a challenge with perception, understanding or even cognitive communication and memory. At IAT we focus on the whole picture, striving to understand and identify the origin of the communication roadblock to help our clients navigate the world around them and learn to effectively express themselves.

The Listening Program (TLP) is Music Listening Therapy. It is the practice of listening to acoustically modified music specifically created to improve brain function. Advanced Brain Technologies has several services. The program we will use most with our ASD clients is their evidence-based program, Spectrum.

Spectrum, and the Spectrum Plus Program, provide foundational training. The Spectrum Program is therapeutic, neurodevelopmental and sensory based. The goal of this program is to improve social and emotional behaviors, stress response, and motor coordination.

Spectrum is great for individuals who have difficulty tolerating environmental auditory and visual input, have coordination issues, and are in chronic fight-or- flight mode.


The objective of Functional Medicine is to identify and understand the root cause of health conditions.  Functional Medicine dives deep and asks the question, why? Functional Medicine Certified Health Coaches are trained to work independently and to assist practitioners in caring for individuals with chronic diseases through diet and lifestyle changes. They are trained in basic principles of functional medicine, functional nutrition, and positive psychology; including developing plans and lifestyle changes, coaching, and stress reduction techniques.


Autism Spectrum behaviors may seem to be one size fits all in the sense that all individuals are destined to have the same health, social and physical struggles, though this is not the case. By incorporating functional medicine practices, as well as nutrition we can go straight to the source and not only improve wellness but also take huge steps forward in boosting behavior and quality of life. 



Typically the air we breathe in is about 21% oxygen. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is performed in a pressurized hyperbaric chamber that enables the user to consume up to 4 times the amount of oxygen typically consumed. The chamber is pressured up to 4 psi (equivalent to being under about 12 feet of water), while oxygen is being pumped in into the chamber, thereby significantly increasing the oxygenation within the body. It is the
pressure the chamber provides that allows the grater absorption of oxygen. The pressure causes the body to dissolve higher amounts of oxygen in the blood plasma and into cerebrospinal fluid—which then distributes more oxygen to your cells, tissues and organs.


The health of our cells determines the health of our bodily tissues and organs. It is an important fact that the health and function of your brain is greatly affected by oxygen deficiencies. The brain is also the most responsive organ to oxygen super-saturation. This is the reason it is believed that stroke victims, as well as other patients who have had brain and nervous system related conditions—and those with cognitive difficulties, respond so well to HBOT therapy.


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