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Why Integrated Autism Therapies?

We have over 70 years of Experience of combined experience.

Integrated describes our entire mission here at IAT. We believe in a fullinvestigative, and collaborative approach to autism. There is more than meets the eye and each individual is different. Each piece of our organization is crucial. Our services and therapists work together to provide the best practice approach for every one of our clients.  By working together, these professionals can greatly improve therapy outcomes and quality of life.

Our specialists have the know-how you need.

Our Story

Like many parents with a child under the spectrum, Barb and Mark watched their beautiful, social, intelligent son, Devon, regress into severe autism when he was 14-months old. They were quickly thrown into the world of autism and began their journey seeking answers. Devon began therapy and visited countless medical and health specialists. As years went by and therapy ensued, progress was minimal.

The therapy was missing something. It was missing what was most important; addressing the "root cause." Barb's background of public health and nutrition helped her quickly realize there was much more to learn about autism. She could see how important diet, genetics, and environment was for her son’s progress as well as its pivotal role in behavior.  As a family and with the help of specialists, they began addressing “the root cause” through diet and lifestyle, focusing on gastrointestinal health, boosting and supporting the immune system and reducing inflammation. With these changes, Devon began to progress! He started to take huge steps forward. This didn’t come easily however, as the various therapy modalities frequently contradicted one another and failed to see Devon’s full potential.

Along their journey, Barb and Mark found therapists who saw the value and necessity of integrating services and the concept of Integrated Autism Therapies was born. As a team, they have worked tirelessly to bring IAT to life. IAT is committed to a unified approach to serving the autistic community. IAT is focused on the betterment of any and all who live with, or alongside of loved ones with autism every day.

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